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Happy Employees. Great Work No Coincidence.

We continuously redefine what it means to go to work. Working here can be a life-changing experience. It's intense, challenging and exhilarating. And that's what makes work a whole lot of fun.

We act with honesty and hold each other accountable.

We are open, inclusive and empathetic.

We are continuously innovating, learning and improving.

Personal discipline is the hallmark of our work ethic.

We collaborate to win together.

At Sonata our culture is strong, vibrant, and essential to how we work and serve our customers. We continually advance our culture by creating an environment where people can feed their curiosity and be continuously learning; where we hold each other accountable for driving great results and outcomes; where we collaborate and take joy from working on solving tough problems. We share a winning spirit where we are obsessed with helping our customers and partners to innovate and succeed through the use of technology. We strive to be highly inclusive and embrace different views and cultures. Above all, we will be an innovative engine for our customers and the market.


Meaningful work isn't too much to ask for. If you have to spend, on average, 54% of your waking hours at work, why not do something meaningful – that you can be proud of? Sonata is making a difference in people’s lives all around the world. Our team help organizations make the kinds of important technology that drive change each and every day.

We set the bar high and provide a culture that fosters creativity and innovation. Whether your job involves developing client software solutions, selling them, marketing them or consulting with our customers about them, your role is important and we want you to know it. We've found that employees are happier if they feel valued and appreciated. Mutual respect goes a long way, because satisfied employees mean satisfied customers.


As Sonata has scaled, so too has our development organization. To help our team grow, it’s important for them to have access to world-class technical training, along with opportunities to teach the skills they’ve mastered.

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No matter where an organization is located or what industry it serves, analytics technology plays a key role in solving today’s business problems. This is evidenced by Sonata’s strong and stable global presence. Check out a wide range of job possibilities in areas such as sales, consulting, research and development, tech support, marketing, finance and human resources. There’s a world of opportunity waiting for you.

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