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For more than a decade Sonata Services has been building custom teams for clients around the world. Our development centers in China and Mexico are prepared to build the perfect team that you need today.

Founded in 2004 Sonata has worked with the fastest growing companies on the globe today including the likes of Cisco, IBM and TaylorMade.



Have you ever wondered about the benefits of offshore or nearshore capabilities?

We can help you accelerate your existing business with high quality production teams from Sonata. Our unique business model allows you to build the team that you need, operate the team for your business, and then acquire the team, tools and technology. Our build operate transfer (BOT) model allows our clients the ability to deploy with confidence knowing that their technology and intellectual property will always be theirs.

Keep your ‘A Team’ working on your ‘A projects’ – and we take care of the rest!


Internet Of Things

Kevin Ashton coined the phrase while at Procter & Gamble when referencing RFID in P&G’s supply chain to the then-red-hot topic of the Internet. Today the Internet of Things makes up every element of business and our daily lives. Sonata designs within IOT every day. Let’s explore how we can connect your world.

Enterprise Equipment

Over the last 10 years Sonata has helped build a broad range of solutions for networking, video communications, voice communications, wired infrastructure and wireless infrastructure applications. Tell us how we can build a custom team to satisfy the pace of your business success.

Consumer Devices and Applications

From mobile applications to micro-processor software, Sonata is driving the consumerization of technology for our clients around the globe. Today’s mobile phones are tomorrows home droids, all working together to enrich our daily lives. Let us know how we can pull the future forward.


From B2C payment solutions to national peer-to-peer lending, Sonata has worked with the fastest growing companies within the industry today. Financial Technology may be the hottest growth market of the year. And we are ready to help deploy your product.

Sales and Marketing Support

Our sales and marketing support includes: customer support, product support and escalation, lead generation, appointment setting and outbound sales. Sonata can transform the efficiency of your sales and marketing efforts with a custom solution designed to focus your team and enhance your overall success.

"Sonata was instrumental in meeting our commercial product goals."

 - Scott Weiss, CEO at IronPort

"The professionalism and accuracy with which this company conducts itself never ceases to impress me."

 - Dan Fishback, CEO at DemandTech

"Sonata was instrumental in meeting our commercial product goals."

 - Nick Robbie, Vice President of Engineering at TaylorMade



We are always on the lookout for talent.


We would love to hear about your project.

Over the last decade, Sonata has created hundreds of custom teams, solving thousands of business challenges for our clients. By making an impact on the current issues that our clients face, and working together to face in the future, we help empower them with the confidence that leads to effective solutions for their business. Sonata offers global experience and local knowledge to help you focus on the big picture and succeed in any public or private business environment. We look forward to an opportunity to expand your success and opportunities in the marketplace.